Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Today, June 21st, marks the official start of summer.

Here, at the Better You Blog, we’re a big fan of the first day of any season. The changing seasons give us a chance to mix up our routine, try new things, and celebrate all of the things that make that season so unique. Summer comes with an entire lineup of new things to try/do/see. It’s usually pretty hassle free, too. No bulky clothing. Less makeup. More lounging poolside/lakeside or on the beach.

If you are anything like us, you’re thinking: BRING. IT. ON. You want to live this summer to the fullest (Who wouldn’t? Life is too short!). That’s why we’ve compiled an ultimate summer bucket list to give you some ideas on how to spend your summer days. Or, if you’re like us with a jam packed summer schedule already…maybe you can find the time to sprinkle some of this stuff in to make the most of your summer, regardless of all the other obligatory stuff.

Here it goes…

Try A New Workout

It’s time to get off that treadmill or branch away from your typical pilates class. Summer time is the perfect season to try out new workouts. Always wanted to water ski? Or go white water rafting? Then this year is your year. Maybe you want to take it slow and try out Yoga in the Park? Or an outdoor bootcamp? Get outside. Take advantage of the days with nice weather and feel good you spent them outdoors. Whatever way you like to sweat it out, make it a goal this summer to tackle something outside of your comfort zone.

Go To A Farmers Market

We know, we know! We all have a fave grocery store. You know where everything is and you can be in and out in 10 minutes. But we’re saying slow down the pace on a weekend. Grab a tea or coffee and enjoy the sights and smells of a farmers market. Fresh produce, live music and baked goods – you might just find your new favorite local shop. Trust us when we tell you that fresh grown watermelon from a farmers market is truly life changing.

Plan A Beach Day

Would it really be a summer bucket list without a beach day? That’s why you have to hit the waves at least once this summer. Pack a lunch and go for the day. If you’re in a landlocked state, a day at the lake totally counts as well.

Chill Out Poolside

Find a pool. Grab a raft. Just FLOAT. There is nothing more relaxing than chillin poolside with great friends or family. Strike up a game of water volleyball, play marco polo, or participate in a cannonball contest. It will make you feel like a kid again.

Go To A Carnival or Festival

We’re not asking you to wear a crop-top to Coachella. We’re saying take a look at the list of summer events that are going on in your area and attend one or two. Concerts/Ribfests/Wine Events/Carnivals or Festivals get you outdoors. Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy these events and mingle with people (truth: we can all use a break scrolling through our IG feed).

Host A Picnic With Friends

We know that hitting up that brunch spot everyone is raving about is a must do for the summer, yet there is something to be said about an easy picnic with friends. Find a city park/hike a mountain/seek common space and enjoy sitting on a blanket and relaxing with friends.

Read A Book For Fun

Don’t just read the latest best-seller this summer. Read a book that is purely enjoyable for you and you alone. There is something truly fulfilling about reading a book that speaks to you.

Find A New Skin Care Product

Our skin changes in the summer months. Sometimes we can feel more oily from the humidity, or sometimes we can feel drier or tighter due to a little extra sunshine on our sun-protected faces. A light moisturizer and antioxidants are huge this time of year. Our must-haves are our: Vitamin C Serum in the morning and Transformation Cream at night and Green Tea Moisturizer for both morning and night. Check them out if you’re looking to change it up this summer.

We hope you enjoy our simple suggestions to soak up summer! We’re always curating lists of attainable ideas to try as we feel like small changes add up to create big differences.

Here’s to lots of summer fun, trying something new…and as always…a better you!

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