Let’s talk about taking off more than just our makeup, shall we?

We dress and undress every day, at least twice a day; which means we stand there, naked or close to it (in front of the mirror or not), and inspect our bodies, including our skin. We make decisions, on the daily,  that affect that natural, raw and imperfect image (after all, no one is perfect, unless you’re a fan of magazines). Yes air-brushed, glass skin looking women and men are not reality. That said, photoshop can’t do EVERYTHING.

Why the interest in naked?

We’re interested because right now is a prep period to a season that doesn’t require a whole lot of clothing (hint: starts with swim…ends in suit). We want to make confidence, happiness and beauty an attainable goal for every person who is suiting up this summer. We don’t care what size you are. Feeling confident, happy and beautiful comes in all shapes and sizes.

So squats, burpees and clean eating aside, feeling good starts with healthy skin.

We’ve outlined 5 things that can keep you looking fresh and fine so you can hit the <choose one: beach/lake/spa/sheets> feeling pretty darn good.


  • DRY BRUSHING: From smoother skin to aiding in lymphatic drainage, dry brushing is a tried and true technique for creating a lot of good for your skin. It’s exactly what it sounds like: brushing the skin with a natural bristle brush in a pattern (usually toward the center of the body starting at the hands or feet) before jumping in the shower. Brushes are sold with different firmness so you can choose the one that feels the best on your skin (i.e. people with sensitive skin might opt for a brush with softer bristles to start). Dry brushing is said to do a number of good on the body if done properly: stimulate normal lymphatic flow, remove dead skin cells (exfoliate), clean and reduce pore size, potentially reduce the visibility of cellulite, and naturally boost energy. Grab a brush and 5 minutes before a shower, and watch your skin start to radiate.


  • SCRUBS: “I love my dead skin!” – said no one ever. Get rid of that unwanted dry, flaky skin with an effective, and skin healthy, scrub. We may know of one if you want our recommendation. Scrubs bring life back to the body and lead to smoother, softer skin. We recommend using a scrub at least 3 times a week in the shower. You can start at the shoulders and work your way down to your toes.


  • CLEANSE/DETOX: There are so many of these out there. Juice cleanses, supplement cleanses, pineapple cleanses, we’ve heard them all. This is more of a quick fix than a forever lifestyle, but if you’ve got something coming up that you want your insides to benefit just as much as your outside, consider a cleanse or detox. They rid the body of impurities and encourage lymphatic drainage, which means saying goodbye to the bloat and giving you that glow back.


  • SHAVE…OR DON’T: A close shave with a good razor using a good shaving gel can usually get the job done, but if you’re prone to razor burn you’ll never escape it just doing that. Look into laser hair removal or other more permanent body hair removal procedures to help you say goodbye to ingrown hairs and regrowth that make you want to keep your beach cover up on all day long.


  • SWEAT IT OUT: We said we weren’t going to harp on the workout piece, but sweating, if you are the type of person to hit the gym is actually extremely beneficial for the skin. When we sweat, it means we’re working hard – blood is pumping and oxygen is energizing our cells. Physical activity and sweating are known to purify, protect and rejuvenate our appearance. So sweat it out: Bikram yoga, saunas, steam rooms, working out. All of these things increase our body temperature, which causes our red blood cells to dilate. This process increases blood flow to our skin making us look healthy and youthful.


So take it off…all of it or some of it. At the end of the day, we just want you to love the skin you’re in.

Bring on June. Bring on summer!


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