How To Not Be A Hot Mess Mom

Try these beauty tips to avoid being a hot mess mom.

We’re not saying we’re perfect. That would be stupid. We’re just saying we’ve recently tweaked some things in our mom game that has made getting out the door looking half put together a little bit easier. And as moms, we don’t keep that stuff to ourselves.

Moms by nature are selfless creatures – but even moms need a timeout, a moment to be…dare I use the word: selfish. Whether you work or not, this is a mental/physical/emotional health reminder to take time for yourself

Let’s talk about the hot mess mom IRL. There’s no shame in it. Every mom is one at some point in her momhood (and the only way you can deny this is if you’re not human…ok?). Parents, especially mothers, feel so much pressure today; to look the best, be the best, have the best children. Let’s remind ourselves that the only people we can TRULY control here on earth, is ourselves. So instead of worrying about them, let’s worry about us, as moms. Let’s give us the alone time we’re craving or the things that make us feel good about ourselves so that we can be the best version of ourselves. Lessen the pressure. Lessen the judgment.

Moms by nature are selfless creatures – but even moms need a timeout, a moment to be…dare I use the word: selfish. Whether you work or not, this is a mental/physical/emotional health reminder to take time for yourself (and not just on Mother’s Day!).

The act of doing something for you is not vain. It’s not self-centered. It’s not neglect of others. It’s self-care.

We’re going to be honest. At the end of the day, we all really have no idea what the hell we’re doing as moms. All we know is that it works for our family unit, and that’s all that matters. Or, maybe it’s not working for the family unit, which compels and encourages change where you recalculate and keep going!

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, we jotted down our top 5-time saving beauty tips (momhood game changers) that we believe can help the hot mess mom feel like, well…not such a hot mess. And these come from personal experiences curated by our team of editors (all moms), so the honesty is included.

Stop fussing over your eyebrows
If you’re one of those people that HAS to fill in her eyebrows before walking out the door to go anywhere, you need to consider microblading. It’ll save you all sorts of time. Do your homework on providers offered in your area. You want someone who is experienced and provides great results. Life without having to fuss over your eyebrows is called “yes please”. If microblading isn’t an option, there are specialists who also do shaping, tinting, and powdered brows. Look into it. You won’t be sorry!

Skip the mascara
We love lash extensions. This service is amazing for the mom who won’t walk out the door without swiping her lashes with a mascara brush. Mascara is always the #1 makeup product that women say they can’t live without. Nothing saves more time getting ready than not having to do your mascara. Do you have to upkeep your fills? Yes, but maybe “me” time turns into your fill appointments? Doable.

Can’t sit still for that long? We understand. May we also recommend Latisse. We love the way it makes our own eyelashes thicker and fuller giving us more confidence to go out make-up-less.

Grab a quick clean
Do yourself a favor and find a reliable self-care cleansing towel or wipe and stick to it. We recommend our Fresh Facial Cleansing Towels, of course. After experimenting with roughly 50 different cleansing wipes, we truly believe in Fresh’s formula, size, packaging and potency, to handle pretty much whatever we need. If you’ve never tried them, we’ve got to change that!

Why you need them? You’re running the kids here and there. Maybe you have time for a workout in your day, maybe it’s after work and you feel the need to refresh. Whatever the case may be, we promise your life will feel more put together by owning these quick cleaning solutions. The other thing is these little micro towels don’t need to just be used on the face/body (try them on muddy shoes, marker on hands, yogurt down the side of the car seat…used it, used it, used it). These things have saved our days in more ways than one.

Stick to Your Top 3
Sunscreen aside (because that’s a given)…maybe it’s:
Cleanser Vitamin CMoisturizer
Cleanser Vitamin CTransformation Crème
Cleanser Mask Moisturizer
Cleanser Eye Serum Moisturizer

Clearly, we recommend you wash your face! So, what’s your magic combo? We know maximum results will come from our full routines, but when reality hits and we don’t have time for the full routine, we default to the top 3. Every woman has their faves. If you had to pair it down because time was not on your side, what do you choose? Choose your top three difference makers. The most popular choices over here were: a collagen booster, a vitamin C/antioxidant, and retinol.

Breathe, Stretch, Shake…let it go.
We’re always trying to find new and natural ways to increase energy. We take women’s multis, but those are all so personal, it’s hard to recommend one that will work for every ONE. So, we’re suggesting movement: a full 5-10 minute morning stretch. It clears your mind, relieves stress on the body and creates energy to get through the day. Wake up in the morning and go straight from bed to floor. Get a few of your favorite stretches in and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Two easy changes that are often the most overlooked for a productive, put-together day.

Moms – you’re all amazing. Our ask to take time for yourself and consider the above time-saving trends might be adding another thing to your “to do list”, but once you make time for it, you’re set. Service providers are making it so easy to book these days, too (just scheduled my microblade touch up last night at 11 pm), so instead of scrolling through your social media feeds before bed, do some research and book yourself an appointment for something that you think will make a positive difference in your life.


We hope you have a beautiful mother’s day.




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