10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day That Will Make You Look Good All Year

Mother’s Day is nearly a week away! It’s a day to celebrate the women in your life who have raised you to be who you are today. It can be your Mom, a Stepmom, a Grandma, or any other woman that has helped shaped you in some way.

Real talk though? The last thing your Mom wants is a mug that says “BEST MOM EVER!” or a necklace she will only wear around you. 

Real talk though? The last thing your Mom wants is a mug that says “BEST MOM EVER!” or a necklace she will only wear around you. In our opinion, the best gift you could give to any Mom in your life is time spent with you.

That’s why we came up with 10 ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that will make you look good all year:

Take a Class Together
Whether you want to sweat it out or stretch it out, there are so many fun workout classes to take! Maybe your mom has always wanted to try SoulCycle. Or she could be the type of girl that would love a restorative yoga class, which is pretty much a glorified nap-time. Either way, taking a class together is a unique way to stay active.

Get A Spa Treatment
Every Mama deserves to treat herself. What better way to do that than booking her a spa appointment? After all, whoever turned down a facial? Just call a local spa in your city now to book her an appointment. If you live in the Denver area, we’ll link to one of our favorite spas here.

Plan A Trip
Life can get busy. The great thing about getaways is they give us a chance to get away from the rise and grind of it all. Plan a girl’s trip for just you and her. It doesn’t have to be an exotic destination, although every Mom deserves to be drinking Mai-Tais on the beach, it just has to be the kind of place you and her can spend time together.

Girls Night In
On the flipside of that, sometimes the best option is to just stay home and relax. Pick out her favorite movie, put on some face masks, and pop that popcorn! It’s time for you both to cry while watching Steel Magnolias.

Get Crafting
Now that the days of noodle necklaces are behind you, your mom might miss out on crafting with her kids. Luckily there are so many different places you can craft together now. Check out your local Paint and Sip place or Color Me Mine.

Book A Unique Experience
Teenage you might have dreaded the idea of being trapped in a room with your mother, but what if you had an escape plan? Well, luckily for you, Escape Rooms are now everywhere. Or if she is the ultimate adventurer, bungee jumping would be such a memorable experience for you both. Just make sure to tag us in the pictures for giving you such a great idea!

Schedule A Video Chat Date
For a lot of people, celebrating Mother’s Day can be tricky if they live far away from home. If that is the case for you, a nice way to make her feel appreciated is scheduling a digital date instead of that weekly phone call.

Visit A Farmers Market
Luckily spring is in full bloom this time of year and with that means farmers markets are finally open. Plus if you both have a packed schedule, you can tackle quality time with grocery shopping in one go.

Host A Brunch
We don’t know how Mother’s Day became synonymous with brunch, but we imagine it’s because every Mom out there wanted to sleep in. If you’re the type of person that has the joy of more than one mother figure in your life, a Mother’s Day brunch might be the perfect thing to do. Let them all sleep in and you can do the cooking for them.

Book A Family Photo Shoot
Sending your Mom a selfie doesn’t count here. What she really wants is a big group photo of your family together. Book that photographer, buy a beautiful frame, and just wait to see how big her smile gets when she sees the photo!



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