A COOL Self-Care Tip: CoolSculpting®

Thinking about CoolSculpting? Yes, us too!

As a treatment that is getting a lot of buzz in the aesthetic world, we thought it might be time to weigh in on the conversation. And we get to do it by sharing some pretty honest answers to some of the most popular questions asked about the CoolSculpting treatment.

So here’s how it went down…
We tagged along on the very personal journey of our strat manager (*cue applause for our strat manager because we got UP. CLOSE. AND. PERSONAL with her). We watched her treatment and asked her questions. She gave us the answers…holding nothing back.

To me, CoolSculpting is a great complimentary treatment to a healthy lifestyle and exercise (which I haven’t given up on). It’s not a treatment for obesity. It’s not a “weight loss” treatment; it’s a “sculpting” treatment.

We love hearing first-hand experiences. We love them, even more, when they uncover truths about something in the self-care realm. We also love sharing them with you, our PamFam, so you can read real, authentic stories without the salesy jargon, because after all, we don’t sell CoolSculpting.

Hot List Q and A:

Q: What is CoolSculpting?

A: Simply, it’s a way to sculpt your body by freezing fat. Its technical name is cryolipolysis, which is pretty much a fancy word for the process of freezing fat cells to their point of death, only for the body to rid them through its natural excretion process. It’s a safe (over 7 million treatments performed and controlled-clinical studies on technology to prove it’s efficacy and safety) – Sidenote: I probably read 10,000 articles about this and it’s long term effects in causing any serious illnesses, and it was FDA-cleared in 2010. It’s also won many awards as America’s most effective non-surgical fat-reduction treatment. I was like “OK”…where do I sign up?”

Q: Why would you get CoolSculpting?

A: For many different reasons. I got it because after birthing two kids, I was thinking it was nearly impossible to get rid of the “baby pot belly” that I proudly had, but didn’t necessarily want to have stick around. I wasn’t getting anywhere with exercise and after trying diets like Keto, Whole Life 30, and South Beach…it was great for a little bit, but hard to adopt as a full lifestyle, even though I eat healthier because of them. Nothing was really changing.

To me, CoolSculpting is a great complimentary treatment to a healthy lifestyle and exercise (which I haven’t given up on). It’s not a treatment for obesity. It’s not a “weight loss” treatment; it’s a “sculpting” treatment. So, you know those stubborn smaller pockets of bulge that just aren’t budging? It’s for them. The applicators they use target your problem areas and debulk those areas creating a slimmer appearance.

Q: Where can you get CoolSculpting?

A: In the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges under the chin (called submental area), thigh (inner and outer), abdomen, flank (love handles), bra fat, back fat, underneath the buttocks (also known as banana roll), and upper arm.1 There are so many places that you can now sculpt your body with CoolSculpting!

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Is it childbirth? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Does it have its own sensation? I’d lie to say no. The best way I can describe it (and here comes the college athlete in me) is if you stick yourself in a cold tub, at first it is really not enjoyable, and then once you’re numb (literally maybe 4 mins into treatment), it’s a piece of cake. The better part about CoolSculpting is that because you’re using applicators, it is localized freezing and numbness (not a full body freeze). Overall, I’d call it a weird sensation more than I would a painful one. The sensation does not at all shy me away from doing it again though.

After treatment, the treated area feels numb for about 2 weeks. You can except the odd twinge when it starts to unfreeze. But overall, there was no pain (only gain…wait, not “GAIN”, you know what I mean). I should also include the part where they massage the area once they pull the applicator off after the 35-minute treatment cycle. The treated area is like a frozen stick of butter, only red. When the treatment is over, you really wish it could just stay like that, but no, the specialist has to perform a massage on the area to break it up so it can be excreted properly and to get optimal results. You’re numb, so you don’t feel it (phew!). But it’s odd to watch your fat get massaged.

Q: Does it work?

A: I’d answer this by just saying, “Yes” and moving on, but I’ll elaborate. I got my bra fat treated once, my stomach treated twice, and my love handles treated once. It was important for me to be “treated to completion” as my Coolsculpting Specialist said. What that means is getting to the goal I had in mind. Just one treatment was not going to give me what I wanted. Expectations were set. I am 90 days out from my treatment. When I look in the mirror today, I don’t have that overhanging kangaroo pouch that I did before. I am shocked by how well I responded, but more how I was treated.

Q: With so many offices offering the CoolSculpting treatment today, how did you make your decision on whom to go to for treatment?
A: There is no doubt CoolSculpting is almost as widely offered as Botox is in some cities. I live in Denver, Colorado, and the competition is a little hefty here. I took my top five in search, read reviews, called the offices and asked to speak to the actual CoolSculpting specialist. I actually went to the three top-rated offices for consultations before I decided who would do my treatment. I would like to think you should approach it as if it’s surgery. You want the best “surgeon” and in CoolSculpting’s case, “specialist”. Results are long-lasting. This person has to know about proper body assessment, how to get in there and sculpt without taking too much fat in one area and not enough in another.

(***If anyone needs a recommendation that lives in Denver, I’d recommend Facial Aesthetics, and that’s my only plug. Sorry, had too good of an experience there not to want to sing their praises.***)

Q: Any other tips on the treatment you want to share?

A: No, other than it was a really cool (no pun intended) experience from start to finish. I urge people to do their homework before treatment, and once treatment is over, to go in and get their pictures taken. That’s where you really see those changes and it gives you great motivation to keep it that way!

The last thing I want to include is to bring a wipe or towel of some sort with you to treatment. I, of course, used our Fresh Facial Cleansing Towels and they do give you a towel, too; but theirs is more to wipe off the goo from the gel pad.
I think having something of your own, was helpful to actually feel clean, without having to jump in the shower after the treatment. While the treatment is cold, the rooms can be hot. I got sweaty from the machines on and my body heat high from my nerves (haha!). I was also going back to work after treatment because the beauty of CoolSculpting is that you really can do this treatment over lunch. No rest needed after the fat freeze. 

1 CoolSculpting.com. Allergan. 2019

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