Why Anti-Pollution Products Should Be Your Next Skin Care Investment

You walk out your door, whether to big city lights or acres of land, and you’re hit with it. It’s not controlled anymore. It’s not filtered and vented through big units. It’s raw, but manipulated by everything that goes on “out there”.
It’s called AIR and it’s no stranger to anybody.

What are the effects of air pollutants on your skin?
This is not one of those “treat the air fair” messages, although it is a good reminder. We just want to help you navigate what you need to defend and detoxify the skin you’re in from air pollution, a growing concern among many Americans. As skin care professionals, we know that air quality is one of the biggest environmental players when it comes to the health of your skin. The lower the quality, the more pollutants (smog, car exhaust, industrial gasses, dust, chemicals, etc), which can lead to:

• Dryness
• Redness
• Breakouts
• Dehydration
• Pigmentation Issues
• Premature Aging
• Decreased Collagen Production

So heck yeah, we’re giving anti-pollution products two thumbs way up. Who doesn’t want to use products that are going to protect you from all of that?

Face the facts

Did you know that over 140 million Americans live in areas where the air quality fails to meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards?

Or how about a recent study done in Korea that concluded people who live in highly polluted areas have significantly worse skin hydration than subjects living in the cleaner suburbs despite making better lifestyle choices (such as cleansing routines, water or supplement consumption).

Everyone ages, but only you can control the speed of your own aging. If we’re going to be challenged every time we step foot outside our doors, we need to make sure we’re protected.

So how do we do this?

Gimme all the antioxidants. Give me the GLOW GETTER KIT.
Two of our best sellers paired together to pack a punch when it comes to fighting environmental pollution, boosting collagen and brightening your skin. They easily fit into your day and night-time routine. And what’s more? They’re on sale this month!

Our GLOW GETTER Kit is made up of these two products:

Vitamin C Serum: Fight free radicals, defend against pollution, and reduce the amount of visible sun damage. This fast-absorbing serum has a milky texture that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and dewy, but never greasy.
Transformation Cream: a potent anti-aging serum that has been developed with powerful peptides to transform your skin. With collagen-boosting ingredients, including our Tri-Peptide Complex, this product firms and plumps the skin while simultaneously reducing the appearance of fine lines and large pores.

Anti-pollution products will soon become as ubiquitous as sunscreen. They’re already a daily must-have to bit city dwellers and they’re starting to gain more traction on the world stage. It’s never too late to start protecting your skin. So what are you waiting for?

A little more reading
Many people have asked us about an anti-pollution moisturizer. If you’re in need, meet our Green Tea Moisturizer. Our customers love this antioxidant-rich and lightweight moisturizer to be applied before sunscreen in the morning and to cap off the routine at night.
Also – you may as well make sure you’re protected from UVA/UVB rays, too. If you’re looking for the best sunscreen to layer over your moisturizer, may we suggest our SPF 30.

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