5 Ways To Celebrate Spring That Don’t Involve Florals

Being that we’re from Denver, we are big fans of seasons here. Anytime there is a change in the weather, there is a subtle shift in ourselves. Springtime is no exception.

Call us Miranda Priestley, we think florals are so overdone this time of year.

Now that winter is finally said and done (knock on wood), we can finally celebrate the warmer weather. It’s a time to turn off the Netflix and come out of hibernation. That being said, we never do anything cliché here at The Better You Blog. Call us Miranda Priestley, we think florals are so overdone this time of year.

That’s why we came up with 5 ways to celebrate spring that don’t involve florals:

Embrace Your Inner Plant Lady
This might seem counterintuitive to the title of this post, but there so many amazing plants besides flowers that can help you get into the spring spirit. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower, for instance, is a great way to decongest and wake yourself up in the morning. Succulents are also a great loss maintenance way to add some green to your space. Be sure to check out your local gardening shop to get inspiration.

Declutter Your Space
You don’t have to go the full Kon Mari method with this. Although we did write a great piece about how to do that last week. Spring is a great time to clear out your space on any level of commitment. Maybe that means finally donating those sweaters that you know look way too similar. Or it could mean finally giving away those passive aggressive hand towels your mother-in-law gave you. (Like really Carol?) Whatever those extra items may be, now is the time to declutter and start fresh.

Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine
Changing up your skin care routine is pivotal when the seasons change. This might mean switching to a lighter moisturizer or finally trying out that serum you’ve been eyeing. (We know a Vitamin C Serum that will change your life). Spring is all about embracing the “out with the old and in with the new mentality.” If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in your routine, skin care is a fun and easy way to revitalize you.

Focus On Your Body
People spend so much time focusing on their face, that they often neglect their body. Now that you’re not spending your days wrapped up in winter coats, it’s time to give a little TLC to your body. If you’re wanting to splurge a little on a treatment, CoolSculpting is an amazing way to sculpt unwanted fat in time for swimsuit season. If you’re on a budget, we recommend trying dry brushing a couple times a week for lymphatic drainage and exfoliating.

Plan A Local Getaway
If winter were a person, they’d be a homebody. Spring, however, would be the life of the party. So get out of your house! Now is the perfect time to take a quick trip. After all, whoever said spring break was just for college kids? It can be a local jaunt to the mountains or even a three-day weekend to a city you’ve never explored. The key thing here is to get up and out. You’ve been stuck inside all winter. Go out and enjoy the warmer weather!

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