How Alcohol Effects the Skin

St. Patrick’s Day is this Sunday, which means that a few of you might be drinking a bit more than usual this weekend. America has always had a complicated relationship with alcohol. From prohibition to the keg stands at frat parties, drinking is embedded in our culture. Which means that it can be hard to avoid at times.

Recently, the concept of having a cleanse from alcohol has come into the forefront.Turns out that taking a break from alcohol can do wonders.

We’re not here to judge. If you have a healthy relationship with alcohol, have fun! In fact, we enjoy a glass of wine (or two if we’re being honest) just as much as the next person. What we are here to do is add our two cents on how alcohol may be impacting your skin and health.

Recently, the concept of having a cleanse from alcohol has come into the forefront. Just look at all your friends or the influencers on Instagram that did a Dry January. Many people noticed how much it impacted their energy, mood, and of course skin. Turns out that taking a break from alcohol can do wonders.

When it comes to how alcohol impacts your skin we, of course, had to investigate. 


Here’s what we found:


It Dehydrates You
Have you ever had a friend that always insisted on drinking a glass of water in between shots? That’s a good friend. Keep that friend. Not only will drinking water help fight hangovers. It will help keep your skin hydrated. The best bet, however, is by not drinking alcohol at all. Alcohol is a known diuretic that forces water out of the body and makes it difficult to rehydrate after. Less hydrated skin equates to dry patches, redness, and more visible fine lines.

It Causes Breakouts
Are you a fan of sugary drinks? It’s important to keep in mind that your body doesn’t distinguish between the sugar you eat and the sugar you drink. If you are prone to breaking out after drinking, a smart move would be to switch drinks with less sugar content. Sugar, as we’ve mentioned before, can cause the skin to breakout. This might mean choosing a red wine over a daiquiri.

It Causes Inflammation
If you tend to wake up to puffy eyes and redness after a night out, your alcohol intake could be a key culprit. Alcohol causes inflammation throughout the body. Your skin, in turn, will become red, puffy, and even breakout.

It Impacts Your Gut
If kombucha had an arch-nemesis, it would be margaritas. Alcohol is a gut disruptor. In the age when gut health is pivotal to skin health, this isn’t good. Excess drinking can cause healthy bacteria in your gut to deteriorate. As your gut health directly impacts your immune system, it plays an important role in your overall health.



Looking for alternative ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Check out our Luck of The Irish Smoothie recipe here.

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