The One Product All Athletes Shouldn’t Live Without

Heart. Hustle. Sweat. A lot of sweat.

That’s what it takes to be a professional athlete. Take Nick and Marcus Foligno’s word for it. As NHL hockey players they are dedicated to the game of hockey, their respective teams and their fans.

They are also dedicated to the one vessel that enables them to do what they do: the body. They know how important it is to take care of their bodies and do this by working out, eating well, and getting good sleep. It’s all about what prepares them best for their grueling 82 game seasons which comes complete with countless practices, workouts and travel, not to mention community and charity engagements where you can often spot these two hockey stars.

Part of taking care of the body is undoubtedly about taking care of the body’s biggest organ: the skin. “But it has to be easy” captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Nick Foligno, states.

Our reaction: we smiled, and then we got serious. Of course it had to be easy. These guys are always on the go. They’re also very often in the spotlight. They need a solution for convenient cleansing. They need FRESH. Throw them a towel after a game and before an impromptu interview, sure, but it’s not going to remove the oils from the beads of sweat dripping down their foreheads. Jump in the shower and rinse off after the game or practice, but water running over the face is just not giving the face the attention it deserves.

Marcus Foligno, forward for the Minnesota Wild says, “I want it to be easy too, but I want it to work. I don’t want to waste my time with a long skin care routine. I know I just won’t do it.”

So we tried it. We sent them FRESH. We had them use it. We then got to meet them and take a few different kind of action shots than these two were used to taking. Off ice action shots that we REALLY cared about…these guys taking care of their skin with great ease and convenience. We had fun. These guys were awesome and we loved their feedback.

Nick says “no pun intended, you really are left feeling FRESH. It smells good and my skin feels really clean after using them. I’m not left dry or irritated.”

Marcus adds “It’s a really large towel which you don’t expect, but it helps to fully cover the face and you can even get your neck and chest. It’s easy – not only to use but to grab after a workout or game.”

There is no doubt being a professional hockey player takes a toll on the body – but it also takes its toll on the skin. Athletes work so hard at their sport that it doesn’t leave much time to truly focus on themselves. That’s where we come in. We always preach about simplicity. We’re glad that we can enable anyone to care for their skin in a fast and convenient way.

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