How To Pack For A Trip When You’re A Skin Care Junkie


The summer time is perfect for a lot of things, traveling being one of them. There is nothing like a much needed vacation when it comes to finding your metamorphosis.

As much as we love traveling, for skin care junkies the cost of traveling sometimes means leaving our favorite products behind. This can unfortunately lead to your skin becoming off balance as it tries to adjust from the lack of a normal routine. Think of Carrie in Sex and The City when she gets that giant zit while on a transcontinental train ride. Do you want to be stuck in your compartment worried about your face? No. You want to be out and about living it up in your new surroundings.

We wrote this guide with two types of trips in mind: the weekend trip and the long getaway. It’s time to start packing!

Weekend Trip

Whether your leaving in a week or have a 7:00am flight tomorrow morning, you’ve got some packing to do. What stresses you? It’s not the shoes, it’s not the clothes, it’s your skin care products! As skin care junkies, your products will always be the first on your list. In a perfect world, you would take every product on your bathroom vanity with you.

For a quick weekend trip, you have to fit your must haves into your carry-on and somehow keep them to under 3 ounces. That’s no easy task. We recommend keeping three steps in mind: cleanse, moisturize, and protect.

As you’re probably aware, almost all cleansers are too large to fit into your carry on. Even if it can, toting around a big tube of liquid doesn’t always work out so well. You need something light that can go anywhere and still get the job of cleansing your skin done. You need FRESH! These single use cleansing towels easily fit into your carry-on, purse, backpack, or even pocket. The towels are created at a much larger size than most cleansing towels, 8″ x 10″ to be exact. You can remove all traces of makeup, dirt, grime, and whatever else your travels throw at you in one quick swoop. They also have the added benefit of coming in a 10 and 30 pack.

We’re from Colorado, we know dry. No matter where we are going, traveling always seems to dry out our skin as we enter different climates. This feels especially true when traveling by plane. We love to take our 1 oz moisturizers with us on a plane for an easy hydration boost. The smaller size easily fits in your carry on and you won’t have to risk your skin becoming dry.

Sunscreen is always on our list, but it’s especially important when you will be outside exploring. You don’t want to be stuck inside your hotel room treating a sunburn when you could be out having fun. Make sure that SPF 30 is in that carry-on! Pamela’s sunscreen is armored with physical and chemical UVA/UVB blockers to guarantee burning prevention. 

Long Getaway

Chances are that for longer trips you will be checking your bag. For checked bags, you obviously have more flexibility when it comes to your products. If you want to take every product with you, by all means we won’t stop you! If you are looking to pack the essentials, but add a few of your favorites, we can help you sort out what to bring.

For longer trips it’s important to keep in mind duration and destination. For longer vacations, think about what issues your skin might have during this time. If you’re prone to breaking out in new climates, packing your Energizing Papaya Cleanser with Salicylic Acid will be a true skin saver. For a more humid climate, our Green Tea Moisturizer is your best bet as it is light and silky and fast absorbing so it won’t leave you greasy. It a also adds a punch of antioxidant protection to fight the free radicals in your new climate. And as always, wear your sunscreen, regardless of how sunny it is!


The Hit List: Packing List Must Haves

10 pack of FRESH (30 pack for longer trip)

1 oz Green Tea Moisturizer or Moisturizer Plus (keep the climate in mind) 

SPF 30 (always!)

Paperback or magazine (our favorite way to check out for a bit)

Passport (no brainer)

 Sleep Mask (you have to get your beauty sleep!)

Travel Playlist (don’t forget your earbuds though)

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