Q&A With Our Founder Pamela Hill, R.N.

People want results from their skin care. That’s why I created Pamela Metamorphosis. 

The world of skin care can feel overwhelming at times. With a new trend popping up every other day it seems, it’s important to call in the help of experts to cut through the B.S. That’s why we sat down with our founder, Pamela Hill R.N. to get her take on your top skin care related questions.

In what order should I apply my skin care products?

If you are using serums, those go on first. Then after that apply your moisturizer. In the morning make sure you finish off your routine with sunblock, even on cloudy days. For those of you using more than one serum, a good rule of thumb is to apply them lightest to heaviest.

Which products/ingredients are safe to combine in my routine, and which should I avoid combining?

It depends on what kind of products you are using on your skin but the product that should be used alone much of the time is retinol. The one thing you should be sure not to do is to combine an alpha hydroxy acid with retinol. They can be used on alternating nights, however. 

I have sensitive skin; can I still use products with active ingredients? Are there products I should avoid?

Sensitive skin is often thought of as very sensitive skin or not so sensitive skin and it’s based off of that assessment that products are applied. There are many products on the market that can be sensitive to the skin so the best thing to do is to test a little bit of the product along the jawline and see if you are sensitive to that product before you use it on your face. When adding a new product into your routine use it sparingly and apply 3 times a week. See how your skin tolerates the product and then you can build up to daily use. 

How often do I need to switch up my skin care routine?

It’s best to alter your skin care routine based off of the seasons, either the summer or the winter time. Dry skin is a bigger issue during the winter. This would be a good time to apply a heavier moisturizer. Vice versa, the summer time is known to produce oily skin due to the humidity and increased sun exposure. Make sure your moisturizer is light-weight and non-comedogenic in the summer. 

How often should I really be exfoliating?

You can use a mask with gentle exfoliating ingredients every other night, but you should only be using a physical scrub two to three times a week. Our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask and Papaya Scrub are perfect examples of this.

What exactly are antioxidants, and why are they important?

In skin care, antioxidants are the products that fight free radicals. Free radicals are things outside of our control, such as sun exposure, pollution, smog, and debris. We like antioxidants in our skin care program because they are the main thing that keeps us from aging. For those of you looking to incorporate antioxidants into your routine, an easy step is to add a Vitamin C Serum in the morning.

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