A Mom’s Roller Coaster Relationship With Her Skin

Moms. The queen bees of multi-tasking, sleepless nights, total selflessness and unconditional love. For me, it wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly understood all of those things. It still boggles my mind how one person made motherhood look so easy. Forget New York City, or Gotham City for that matter, the best superheroes can be found right inside your home. And chances are good they gave birth to you. They just wear everyday clothes as their disguise.

At first, writing on this mom topic seemed difficult. What could I share that would be different from the millions of other Mother’s Day themed blogs circulating this week? I thought about my life as a mom and what made me feel better about myself in my role. Hands down, the answer is taking care of my skin. So here is a personal reflection of a mother’s roller coaster relationship with her skin.

Before I get into it, let me explain that I think most mothers lead roller coaster lives in general. Mothers are mothers because they have kids, remember? Having kids can make life feel like the Mouse Trap ride at Elitch Gardens – when you’re jerked in 10 different directions in a total of 2 minutes. Moms get me. There’s a lot to juggle.

Or take the Drop Tower ride, for example, where everything is calm for 5 whole minutes, but then in a split second that changes and you’ve entered a Scream Zone.

How does this ever-changing life relate to skin care? Well, you take your skin with you wherever you go. It goes through what you go through. It ‘coasts’ on whatever roller coaster that best defines your life. From before kids, to pregnancy, to adjusting to changes after baby, and on through menopause our skin will change A LOT.

My skin: normal would be how you’d define it pre-pregnancy. I’d get the odd breakout, but it was always easy to manage. My first pregnancy was in my late 20’s and I remember having that ‘pregnancy glow’ as most people call it. I had no skin complaints. BUT after my first child, my skin changed. The hormone shift caused my skin to be combination as I was mainly oily in my T-zone. I had a few more breakouts and I was thinking, “am I back in high school?” I was so happy to have found Pamela Metamorphosis at this point. I felt it balanced my skin into a more normal state (Glycolic was a key ingredient for me!). I was refreshed, and pleased with the results, but I knew I was soon going to put my skin through more change.

At 30, and after about 9 months on the products, I found out I was pregnant with my second child. During pregnancy my texture changed, and my skin got very dry. I was flaky and noticed rougher/bumpier areas on my face. I was so susceptible to the sun. The sunspots that surfaced REALLY bothered me. I quickly learned the importance of sunscreen.

Having good skin makes you feel good. And when you’re a mom that rarely has time to put a stitch of makeup on, and has bags under your eyes the size of North America, your skin care routine is a lifesaver. If I could have control over one thing, especially during the business of caring for a newborn, it was going to be my skin care routine. I stayed committed to it. What I love about Pamela Metamorphosis is that it’s a line that could change when my skin did, and it was a line I could use all throughout pregnancy (I checked this with my OB, and encourage you to check with yours!). When I had combination skin: I used the Papaya Cleanser and Glycolic Acid. When I got dry skin: I used Sensitive Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer Plus.

Post-pregnancy, I scaled my routine (because I had less time), but focused on the things I needed to make a difference to my skin. It wasn’t enough for me to just wash my face or slap on moisturizer. I needed the serums to give me an extra boost and to make walking out the door makeup-less a little more bearable. In between my cleanser and moisturizer, I used Vitamin C in the morning and Transformation cream at night. Sunscreen after my moisturizer in the morning and throughout the day was the only thing that was re-applied. That’s it. It’s amazing how a 3-step process, less than 2-minutes long, made me feel like a new and improved person. I always feel I am better for my kids when I feel better about myself.

And let me quickly mention FRESH. I LITERALLY do not go anywhere without one of these bad boys. While they’re intended to refresh your face in a quick and convenient way, they’re also the best makeup remover I have every used, and they come in handy for many other reasons, especially when you have kids. When we shop, when we go out for breakfast, when they spill something in the car. I can’t tell you how much having one of these in my baby bag or purse has saved me. I love them for their intended purpose and my own personal use. They’re much easier to carry with you than a package of 50 wipes. That’s just not necessary anymore.

All moms have their own go-to’s when it comes to skin care, and I felt the same before trying Pamela Metamorphosis. It was my friend who introduced me to the Green Tea Moisturizer that got me hooked. I had no idea it would end up being such a versatile line. I encourage you to try it if you feel like you need a change. If you feel like your roller coaster is just coasting along the same track, now might be the time to change it up. Use CODE: MOM20 on your purchase before Mother’s day!

Take care of yourself, Mom, which simply might mean taking care of your skin.
And no matter what kind of roller coaster you feel like you’re on, always remember to enjoy the ride.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Lisa Carey is a Medical Spa Marketer and Beauty Editor based out of Denver, Colorado. 

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