5 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk

Change. It happens all the time. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative, but we like to focus on the positive. If you follow us on social media, you know that one of our most popular mantras is “Find your Metamorphosis”. Yes, it helps that Metamorphosis is in our name, but to us, this phrase means way more than just finding the right skin care products. This phrase is a positive change cheerleader. We know that finding skin care that works, or let’s be more specific, finding the right skin care that works for you, is a huge confidence booster. We’ve talked about the myth of perfect skin before. Let’s be clear, whether it’s perfect skin or a perfect life that’s not what we are trying to achieve. Progress will always be more valuable than perfection in our eyes. We want to help you both inside and out.

So now let’s talk about this ambiguous image of perfection. People have this idea of what that looks like and usually compare themselves to people in the celeb space. People who live in this space live these magical, zen-filled lives. Well, who are we to burst your bubble and tell you it’s not true? But if you’ve ever seen the Kardashians, or whoever your Hollywood interest is, you’ll see that there’s truth in that even they have bad days, weeks, or even months. Life happens. Sometimes you are going to hit a slump where for whatever reason you aren’t feeling like your best self. That is completely normal. Letting that slump continue, however, is where we want to focus our attention. Here are just a few things that can get you out of your funk and have a little more pep in your step.

Switch Up Your Routine
We love a good routine. It gives us a sense of order and calm that helps us be better at what we do every day. That being said, spontaneity is the spice of life for a reason. As human beings, we were meant to grow, explore, and challenge ourselves. Do something that makes you feel refreshed. You don’t have to drop everything and go have your own Eat, Pray, Love spin-off. For most of us, that is unobtainable. There are, however, things you can try that make you feel invigorated. It can be something as simple as going to see a movie by yourself or trying out that aerial yoga or pilates reformer class you’ve seen on your Instagram feed. Maybe it’s even something as simple as starting a new skin care routine. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that you genuinely feel excited about.

Make A New Goal
Remember when we talked about how we’re meant to grow as human beings? We meant it. Just because you’re out of school, doesn’t mean you should stop trying to learn. Is there a project that you’ve wanted to complete around your home? Devote a few hours this weekend to getting it done. Have you always wanted to learn a new skill or craft? Take a class or even download an app. Whatever it is, make sure you treat it like any other goal in life. Set a date that you would like to see improvement and stick to it. The sense of accomplishment will feel so good.

Go Somewhere New
We are of the belief that you can never have too many face masks or too many stamps on your passport. Travel to some place that excites you. Sometimes all we need is some much-deserved vacay. Better yet, write a bucket list of your favorite cities you’ve always wanted to explore. Your bestie might love her spring break in Cabo, but if you’re more of a lose your heart in San Francisco kind of gal, don’t doubt that. This doesn’t have to break the bank. Just simply traveling to a nearby city in your state is all the change of scenery you need.

We know it’s easier to block people on Facebook than it is in real life. That being said, you would be amazed at how redefining boundaries in your relationships can change your life. 

Find Your Tribe
The people we surround ourselves with have huge health benefits on our happiness and overall well being. If someone in your life is negatively affecting your mood, take a break. We know it’s easier to block people on Facebook than it is in real life. That being said, you would be amazed at how redefining boundaries in your relationships can change your life. Along with that, seek out communities with similar interest to you. Gyms, online fan groups, or a local book club can lead to that lost tribe you’ve been looking for. We know our community of skin care junkies makes us feel good every day.

Seek A Professional
There used to be a huge stigma about seeking out a therapist or mental health professional. Luckily that is no longer the case. You know yourself better than anyone. If you aren’t feeling like yourself, it might be time to talk to someone.

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