Why You Need An Evening Skin Care Routine

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents asked you to go get ready for bed? They would have you put on your PJs, wash your face, brush your teeth, and if you were good they even read you a book before you went to sleep. There was a sense of certainty and calm with that routine. Somewhere along the way between the awkward middle school years and early adulthood you lost that. The greatest thing about being an adult is also the worst thing. We can do what we want, when we want. That’s all fine and good when you are just starting to experience that zest of freedom, but sooner or later bad habits will sneak up on you. Whether it’s eating junk food, leaving a pile of laundry on the floor, or falling asleep without washing your face, it all adds up. Establishing positive habits to combat this is key. That’s why re-learning a routine in adulthood is so important for our overall happiness. So let’s make the first step and restart creating routines for ourselves both morning and night. For us, a night time skin care routine is the perfect way to end a day with intention.

By the end of the day you are tired, exhausted, and prone to just zoning out in front of some screen. We’ve been there. There is absolutely no shame in how you chose to unwind after a long day. Your evenings should be spent relaxing and reflecting on the day gone by. What people don’t realize, is that your evening skin care routine can be the perfect time to improve your skin’s health with minimal effort. That’s why we wrote a simple evening skin care routine for you to follow.

Step One: Cleanse
Take a moment to stop and think about the day you’ve had. Got it? Now just think about all debris, sun damage, pollution, and who knows what that your face has been in contact with. Cleansing is literally like washing the day away. Who doesn’t love the feeling of going to bed squeaky clean?  

Step Two: Serum
When it comes to serums, we will always be major fans. Typically, your evening is less hectic than your morning. That gives you more time to have fun with products. Consider products that kick anti-aging up a notch at this time. For the evening, we recommend trying our Transformation Cream or Retinol (0.25% or 0.5%). The Transformation Cream is formulated with both vitamin C and E.  Retinol, meanwhile, is a form of vitamin A that promotes skin cell growth. This night owl will help fight aging while you are sleeping. If only other things in life were that simple.

Step Three: Moisturize
Moisturizer is in everyone’s medicine cabinet for a reason. It’s a product that everyone needs to help maintain the hydration of our skin. When considering what moisturizer to use at night, remember that the night time is a good time to go for something that packs a punch. Our Moisturizer Plus is packed with peptides that help strengthen the collagen in your skin. Whatever moisturizer you choose though, make sure it’s something that you love.

Bonus: Face Mask
There are so many different kinds of masks out there. It’s hard to say what time of day is best to use them, but chances are that most face masks are best applied in the evening. We love using our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask a few times a week at night before bed. It helps us keep that glow and handle a break out when we feel them coming on. Beyond that, the skin care world is full of fun masks to explore!

We’re not saying you have to do everything on this list. What we’re trying to get at is what is the harm in trying? Just look at it this way, you are going to wash your face either way at the end of the day. You may as well do it right. There are so many tasks that have to get done each day. It can be overwhelming, but skin care doesn’t have to be like that. Having a set routine with products you get excited to put on at night, helps you in more ways than one. You have a sense of accomplishment, feel more centered, and have something to look forward to each night. Routines get a bad rep, but for us, they are essential to any wellness practice.

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