This is Why You Keep Seeing Glycolic Everywhere


The skin care industry is full of so many ingredients that claim to have magical benefits for your skin. It can get so confusing as a consumer to figure out what you need to buy. We hear it all the time “I’m not really sure why I’m on __(fill in the blank)__!” Don’t get us wrong, proper medical guidance for skin concerns, whether from your derm or medical aesthetician won’t point your skin in the wrong direction, but for those that are using something and have no idea why, let’s talk about it.

It isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay. And its popularity in the skin care world exists for a reason.

It’s so important to be knowledgeable about the ingredients in the products you use.  It’s common that people often buy skin care products based off of hearsay and trending pieces about the newest, greatest thing to hit the market. But we want to talk about one ingredient in particular. It’s Glycolic. It isn’t just a trend. It’s here to stay. And its popularity in the skin care world exists for a reason.

Skin care is meant to be fun and effective. We repeat: skin care is meant to be fun and effective. That being said, as much as we love experimenting with the latest trend, we also appreciate a time-honored classic that gets the job done. That’s the importance Glycolic should have to you.

Glycolic isn’t going anywhere for a reason. It’s one of the oldest ingredients used in therapeutic skin care. It’s literally worked for centuries to help people with their skin. You might be thinking, “Ok. That’s great, but what does it actually do?” Good question! To put it simply, Glycolic is a member of the alpha hydroxy acid team. It’s the smallest member of the team, but in the skin care world, that’s a good thing. Because of its size, Glycolic Acid can penetrate the skin in the way other ingredients can not. It then exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells. Thus effectively treating fine lines, acne, blackheads, excess oil, dullness, and the list goes on.

Along with that, chemical peels will often use a higher percentage of Glycolic Acid for an even deeper exfoliation. We think trying out a few spa treatments like this can be amazing for your skin, but should only be done every four to six months.  If you are looking for something less invasive, our Glycolic Serum is the perfect solution. The more consistently you use a product, the more likely you are to see the benefits of it.  



The next step is figuring out when to incorporate Glycolic into your skin care regimen. Just like any other product, Glycolic is more effective when used in combination with other products in your line-up.
Here’s how to use it:

  • Use it in the morning after you cleanse your face. That is where you’ll see the greatest benefits. Apply a small amount in a gentle circular motion. A little goes a long way.
  • Follow this application with your favorite moisturizer.
  • An added bonus, Glycolic works well with all skin types. Our serum has 12% Glycolic, and for best results should be used 3-5 times a week.

As with anything, you have to experiment before you find something that works for you. Glycolic is one of the few ingredients that we would recommend everyone to try. If you are feeling like your skin is in a slump, it might be time to try mixing it up. Glycolic is a quick solution to reviving that glow. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want that?

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