Figuring Out What Self Care Means To You

We love being a part of the wellness community. The cultural shift towards taking care of ourselves has so many benefits. When you feel positive and centered, you are better able to help those around you. They say you can’t pour from an empty cup. We couldn’t agree more. Skin care helps people both physically and mentally take care of themselves. Being that we are a skin care brand, we are pretty active in the communities that surround it. With that in mind, we’ve noticed one phrase in particular is routinely used: self care.

We see this phrase used so much that we have to wonder what it even means. The last thing we want is for the notion of self care to become a Pinterest Page full of unrealistic expectations. Placing pressure on yourself to take care of yourself, is the ultimate irony. Think of all the time, energy, and money you are giving to the idea of self care. How much of that is actually contributing to your happiness? We aren’t questioning self care just to critique it. We want to make it better by adding to the dialogue that surrounds it.

Self care is more than just buying expensive bath bombs, crystals, sheet masks, or whatever trendy topic is circulating your social feed. Self care is commiting to daily practices that keep you functioning. It means that self care isn’t always glamorous. There is a reason that #mademybedthismorning or #takingoutthetrash aren’t top searches on Instagram. That doesn’t mean, however, that these daily chores aren’t pivotal to our overall well being. The actual definition of self care is simple: taking care of oneself. Read in that light, all the weight of the recent self care promotions fade away.

Everyone needs to have their own definition of self care. If you didn’t have time to journal this week or wake up early for your daily meditation, don’t sweat it. Make a mental list (or a written list) of what daily acts are important to your own sanity. From there, you can add on whatever extra #selfcare you want. For us, skin care is a daily necessity that makes us better human beings. That might be different for some of you and that’s totally fine. Understanding what your non-negotiables self care acts are is the first step to fully receiving the benefits of the premise.

This is in no way saying that you shouldn’t explore the world of wellness and different acts of self care. Go out and find those fun bath bombs. Try that new sound bath that your friend keeps telling you about. Spend some money on a new product you are excited to try. You might find something that changes your world. What used to be an extravagance, can become a non-negotiable in your eyes. Just don’t let your life be taken over in the name of #selfcare. Your life should be led by your own definition of what it means to be whole.

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