The Myth About Perfect Skin

In recent media coverage, people are raving about skin care like it’s the hottest trend lately. But really, when is skin care not trending? There’s just too much happening in skin care not to grab hold of SOMETHING. It’s unlikely to throw your hands up in the air and say “I’m just going to not take care of my skin.” The skin care industry is noisy. Brands, both established and new, trying all sorts of ways to attract their target – it’s no wonder why some people feel a little turned off by it all. We know that cutting through the BS and actually finding something that works for your specific skin tone and type is not an easy task – and it’s not cheap either. That said, no matter how bottomless the skin care pit of products to try is, here’s the truth: SKIN CARE WORKS. Once you find the right brand of products they’ll address your skin issues and other needs.

How big is this industry?! Anyone can see that the industry is booming and with Forbes estimating that sales will reach over $130 billion by 2019, it shows no sign of stopping. People are spending more on their skin’s health than ever before.

It’s only natural that critics surface on a topic that is getting so much buzz. Over the past few weeks, one article called The Skincare Con has been circulating. You can tell just by the title what the article entails. We don’t need to get into detail. It wasn’t a surprise, however, that the article evoked endless responses and rebuttals. Here are some of the takeaways…

First, skin care is effective. We don’t need to debate this. Whether you’re a skin care novice or junkie it’s easy to see the benefits of something as simple as a moisturizer. Second, it’s no surprise to anyone that the majority of consumers in skin care are female. Women are smart in their purchasing power. When these trend pieces question the effectiveness and legitimacy of anything they buy, they will be called out on it. Finally, there is no such thing as perfect skin (or at least not in the way you imagined it). When it comes to this topic, we felt compelled to elaborate.


So let’s get into it. Perfect skin is a myth. This might sound shocking coming from a skin care brand. If anyone believes in the power of glowing, fresh skin it would be us. Critics of the skin care industry paint a picture of women collectively striving for yet another unachievable standard of beauty. The truth though: people who love and live by skin care understand that their skin will never look like the otherworldly glow of a Snapchat filter. Although that doesn’t stop us from sending fun selfies to our bestie group chats. People buy skin care products because it helps them, plain and simple.

Women have flaws. Some of those flaws we love. Other flaws we could do without. And you know what? That’s totally fine. Whether someone is suffering from cystic acne or just wants to treat some fine lines, skin care is a life saver. It’s about seeing a problem and having the knowledge of how to treat it. If you have a problem that you can work towards or prevent, why wouldn’t you act on that? We go to the gym to be stronger and healthier. We buy a new wardrobe to express ourselves. How is the skin care industry any different? Human beings were born to grow. Our skin is meant to grow with us.

Skin care isn’t about perfection. It’s about progress, knowledge, and just a dash of fun. For those of you reading this blog, you already know and understand the benefits of skin care. Life is about progress, not perfection. We were born to be perfectly imperfect. You’re skin will never be perfect, but it can be pretty damn close.

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