The Perfect Pair

They say the best things in life come in pairs. Just look at all the great couples in history Bogart and Bacall, Sunny and Cher, Brad and Angelina…well we guess that last one isn’t the best example ? The point being that things tend to work better as a team. This is especially true when it comes to your skin care. Yes, that’s right. Valentine’s Day is upon us. Let’s get sappy about one of the best skin care combos to ever exist.

You want results from the products that you use. That shouldn’t sound like a big expectation. Nor should it be complicated. We want to keep skin care simple, but that doesn’t mean there is one magical product to fix it all (sorry to burst your bubble!). It means finding the right combos to make the right changes. Just like you need different ingredients in your diet, you need to have different ingredients in your skin care. Having a set routine with a few beloved products that pack a punch will make all the difference in your skin. Looking for two ingredients that make a difference to your skin? You’re looking for Glycolic and Retinol. Now let us tell you why…

Glycolic: Your Early Bird Boo
The pioneer in the therapeutic skin care revolution – we love Glycolic. There are so many skin care trends out there right now. You have to make sure that the products you are using have ingredients that work for you. Glycolic is a natural ingredient that originates from sugar cane. When applied in the morning, Glycolic exfoliates the skin and removes dead skin cells.  Exfoliating the skin is important for those of you looking to get that glow. Which, let’s be honest, who isn’t? After exfoliating, your skin is a fresh canvas. Different treatments such as moisturizers or your favorite face mask will be more effective. All of the products in your routine will be able to do their job better. Looking to check one out? Our Glycolic Serum is getting rave reviews.

Retinol: Your Night Owl Bae
When you start to investigate the world of anti-aging in skin care, you’ve start to see the word retinol thrown around a lot. You might consider adding it to your routine or trying it out just based off of the amount of trend pieces you read online.  Do you actually know what it does though? Retinol, to keep it simple, is a form of Vitamin A. It works to renew your skin overnight. Because Retinol encourages skin cell turnover, it’s best to only use it at night since the skin is more sensitive. We have two Retinol Serums of different strengths. If you are just starting off with Retinol, we recommend adding our Retinol 0.25% to the mix. For those of you in the know, our Retinol 0.5% is just the ticket. We promise that once you start incorporating it into your routine, you will see a more youthful glow.

Better Together
Although you would never use these two products at the same time, they work amazing as a team applied at different points during the day (Glycolic=A.M.; Retinol=P.M.). For those of you looking for a fast track to glowing skin, Glycolic and Retinol are the perfect pair to get the job done.

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