Why You Need a Morning Skin Care Routine


Let’s be real. Mornings can be hectic. We’d love to tell you that we start every day with a good workout, meditation, and an artfully crafted smoothie bowl…but that’d be a lie. That sometimes happens, but walking our dogs, feeding our kids, flying through social media, flicking on the news while we’re figuring out what to wear all after three trips to the coffee maker sound a little more like it. All that said, we believe that mornings have power. A good morning starts your day off on the right foot. It channels the right mindset and it enables you to take on whatever life has in store for you that day.
We want to do it all. We want it to all to be organized. We need to find efficiencies and keep it simple. Let’s tackle one way we can do that now…with your skin care.
Whether you’re an early bird ready to take on the day or a night owl that’s hit snooze one too many times, taking care of your skin before you start your day is essential. What’s great about skin care is that it doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time and energy. Having a set routine with a few of your favorite products can make all the difference to your skin, with minimal effort.
It can also make you feel accomplished. If you’ve been struggling with your skin for a while, a set skin care routine is the first step to changing your skin for the better. Flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight, but you will see changes if you stick to a set routine.
Along with that, having a set routine in the morning is one way to take care of yourself every day. Think of it as your moment for just you before the craziness of the outside world starts to break in. Every day you will spend so much energy dedicated to helping other people. When you start to view your morning skin care routine, not as a chore, but rather a moment of intention, you will get excited to treat your skin every day.
To keep it easy for you, we’ve created a simple morning routine for you to follow.

Step One: Cleanse
We can’t say this enough: skin care will never be one size fits all. Your morning skin care routine will vary depending on your skin type and age. What doesn’t vary, is that fact we all need to start our day by cleansing our skin. For Normal to Dry skin types, we recommend using our Sensitive Skin Cleanser with Sea Kelp. For Oily to Combination skin types, our Energizing Papaya Cleanser is the way to go.

Step Two: Serum
Serums are the magical skin care products packed with all “the good stuff”. Now it is just a matter of picking a serum that is right for you. In the morning, an antioxidant packed Vitamin C serum is perfect fir fighting free radicals and giving your skin that glow. Or does your skin need gentle exfoliation? A simple Glycolic Serum could do the trick too. Eye serum is another morning application, and these are usually gel like serums packed with anti-aging properties to protect that delicate area around your eyes.

Step Three: Moisturize
This step may seem like a no-brainer for many of you, but how many people out there have a moisturizer that they love? You put on moisturizer every single day. For something so important, you better love it.

Step Four: Sunscreen
Treat sunscreen the same way you would treat your morning daily vitamin. You always take it, and in this case, you always apply it. You want to protect the health of your skin ad fight aging, you’ll start by applying sunscreen every morning after your moisturizer. Need a good one that you won’t get sick of: try Pamela Metamorphosis SPF 30.

Bonus: Tone
People either love to use a toner in their regimen or are scratching their heads trying to see the point. For us, we are in camp Love! That being said, finding a good toner that works for your skin can be tricky. A lot of this is dependent on skin type. It’s not something you necessarily need every day but is good to use a couple of days a week. Toner helps rid the skin of excess impurities and pollutants we build up on our skin. Who doesn’t love toned and glowing skin?

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