How to Tackle Your Goals In 2018

January has been called the Monday of months. It’s a slow go, but there is a sense of excitement in the air. We begin each year with a fresh start, a blank page to our story. We write down goals to live healthier, get organized, be kinder, read more, or just be better than the person we knew last year. And that right there, is when the doubt starts to set in.

Well, we’re here to tell you, doubt has no place in your head when it comes to tackling your goals. We’re into New Year’s resolutions, but we’re also into reality. We’ve made a list of ways to help you take on your goals this year and become a better you.


Get Clear About What You Want

Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort: an aim or desired result. Sometimes the reason we aren’t achieving our goals is because we don’t actually know what we want. Forget what society is telling you to achieve. Look at what you want to achieve in your life that will lead to your overall happiness. You aren’t doing this for Instagram. You are doing this for you. Figure out how to make that person happy and go from there.


Break Your Goals Down Into Tangible Practice

Whether you want to be the next Julia Roberts or Julia Childs, no one became a master overnight. Look where you want to be a year from now. Think about easy steps you can take to achieving that goal. How are you going to get there? You want to get fit? Sign up for a few fun classes, do a fun marathon, or go hiking with friends. You want to become a better cook? Pick one meal you want to master and go from there. All of these little goals will help you achieve your long term resolution.


Schedule Monthly Reflections and Intentions

Life can get so busy. We set goals and quickly lose sight of them after life takes hold. That’s totally normal. One way to stop this is to schedule one hour sessions devoted to one thing: your goals. You schedule meetings for work, that killer Orange Theory session, or getting your dog groomed. The list of things you devote to other people is endless, why not just give yourself an hour each month for you? If your goals matter, then make them a priority the same way you would other aspects of your life.


Write Stuff Down

We’ve all heard this one before and that’s because it actually works. That doesn’t mean taking up Pinterest worthy bullet journals (unless that’s something you want to try). It just means jotting your goals down from pen to paper. For some people it’s as simple as leaving a post-it note on their bathroom mirror.


Practice Self Care

In the age of social media, the term #selfcare gets thrown around a lot. So much so that you start to wonder what selfcare even means. For us, selfcare is taking time out of your day just to do you. We’re all about kicking butt and taking names. Just don’t forget to chill out. Is there a new episode of the Bachelor on tonight? Watch that. In fact, pour yourself a glass of red wine and wear a face mask. Maybe our Exfoliating Enzyme Mask? ? Whatever you do, do it for you.


Edit Out What Isn’t Working

We have a problem with the idea of quitting, but really if something is repeatedly not working, it’s ok to revise. You might find an easier way of accomplishing your goal. When you take time to look back at your progress, thinking about the gains you are achieving. If it’s not working for you, just move on!


Have Fun!

At the end of the day, life is about the journey, not the destination. Don’t get so caught up in who you want to be a year from now, that you end up forgetting to enjoy where you are now. No one is perfect. We get up, and we fall. That’s where the magic happens. Make sure you laugh along the way.

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  1. Super important stuff! Very much enjoy working on goals throughout the year, but love the global focus on it in January.

    1. We think so too! Thank you so much Maeve!

  2. I find writing my goals down always helps. Love the advice to find time for myself and a little metamorphosis!

    1. We do too! Thanks for the input :)


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