Top 5 Tips For Winter Skin.

We love the winter time. Between the snow, hitting the slopes, and curling up with some hot cocoa it’s one of our favorite seasons. Let’s be honest though, when it comes to our skin the weather can be brutal. For those of us from Denver, we feel the effects of the dry, winter air even more.
To figure out how to keep our skin flawless despite the cold, we wrote a quick guide for all of your winter skin care needs.

1.) Switch Up Your Routine
Just like you have a summer and winter wardrobe, you need to have a summer and winter skin care routine. Always consider the elements when it comes to proper skin care. Winter doesn’t just mean dry air, it means a daily exposure to a harsh climate. Change up your routine to combat this. Consider using a bit of a heavier cream for your skin. We need to make sure that we seal our skin in the winter, so that the moisture doesn’t escape. If you typically use our Green Tea Moisturizer, the winter skin companion is our Moisturizer Plus. The formula was created with a dry, winter climate in mind.

2.) Hydration, Hydration, Hydration
We hate to state the obvious, but you can never drink too much water. We know. It’s shocking.
When it comes to the winter months, water becomes even more important for our overall health. Everything in the winter is going to be about more hydration, internally and externally. Create some humidity. Consider introducing a humidifier to your environment. For those of our readers living in Colorado, this is especially important.

3.) When it comes to exfoliating, less is more.
We’re huge advocates of exfoliating, but over-exfoliating can lead to excessive dryness during the winter. For the winter time, keep it to just one to two times a week. Along with that, make sure that the scrubs you use are specifically meant for your face. Our Papaya Scrub is a perfect example. Never take a scrub meant for your body to your face. You of course can use face scrubs on your body, but never the reverse. It’s all about from the top to the bottom, not the bottom to the top (unless, you’re Meghan Trainer in All About That Bass! ).

4.) Masking, Your New Best Friend.
If you are new to masking, the winter is a great time to try it. Look for masks with ingredients with almond oil, ceramides, hyaluronic acids. Our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask just a few times a week would be a great way to treat your skin during the winter. It’s helps to keep your skin hydrated, without the stress. It doesn’t get hard on your skin (like many trending masks), which can often cause irritation and compromise your natural skin barrier.

5.) Sunscreen-it’s not just for the summer.
Sunscreen is a necessity whether it’s a blizzard or tropical storm. To help keep your skin protected, we recommend treating sunscreen as a multi-vitamin that you take every morning. People who stop using sunscreen just because it’s the winter time, are still at risk for skin damage. Especially for people from Colorado that are constantly outdoors.

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