What does it mean, you wonder? Good question. We did some soul searching to discover it for ourselves. We focused on our brand and the two main factors that drive the creation of our products: simplicity and results. We combined that with what we know about people:
• people want products that are easy to use
• people want ingredients that actually work
• people want skin care that is affordable

How do we know what people want?
We’ve been compiling insights for years. As an aesthetic nurse injector for the past 25 years, I listened to comments about what people wanted over and over again. I was bound and determined to find something that worked for my patients. “If it doesn’t exist, I’ll make it!” was my attitude, and I dove into product manufacturing, intensively researching ingredients and why and how they work together to create a healthy change in your skin.

You seek new skin care products because you’re searching for a change. You want to be less dry. You want to combat acne. You want to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Whether big or small, change is the driver. Our products are engineered to create results…to create change.

I want to make something very clear (aside from your skin, of course!), and that is that skin care is not rocket science. Skin care shouldn’t be complicated. Simplicity is, as mentioned above, a key purpose of this brand, but not in the same way that other skin care brands make claim to it. We go back to the basics with our ingredients. We don’t have fancy names for our products. We don’t want to make your routine an 8-minute process every morning and night, and we certainly don’t want you to overpay for your skin care. Simplicity to us means easy to do, easy to follow and easy to buy again.

Here’s what I really love about the saying FIND YOUR METAMORPHOSIS.
Yes, it starts with your skin, but it ends with your mind, body and soul. Finding your metamorphosis means finding a way to have great skin, but it also means finding a way to be the best you and to live a good life. This brand means so much more than just changing a few lines and wrinkles. This brand is the first domino that falls to cause a chain reaction of creating other good in your life.

Today we start “The Better You” Blog.
Today we invite you to “FIND YOUR METAMORPHOSIS”.

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